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My History

Hi, My name is Laura Valentina Gamboa Caicedo

I was born on November 13 of 1998 in the hospital San Rafael of the Espinal, I have 15 years old

My dad is José Robel Gamboa Marroquin, his ocupation is merchant, i love my father but are sometimes far apart

My mom is Lina María Caicedo Celis, her ocupaton is student social promotion, my mom is a great woman and I always understood

This is my family and my pet, are very important for me

We are two sisters and I am the oldest, my sister is Lina Mariana, I share with her a long time

I live in the avenue seventh number 6-72, i live with my family because they are building a new independent house

I like to eat fish, because it is a protein for my body and growth

My favorite sport is basketball, because I was full of energy, strength and courage

I am a very simple girl, filled energy and strength to face anything, I am also very sociable and I have many friends, but the most important is my best friend Tatiana Rojas

I will study industrial engineering, because it draws attention everything has to do with this career, it is done and it can be achieved

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I am I want to study at the University of Ibague

My biggest fear is the dark, because I am alone and no one to ask for help, but every day I strive to overcome

My pet is cat, its name is Jonas and is 1 years old,is my friend and my company

I find of vacation in the city of Villavicencio, travel with my family and I visited many places

This is my Facebook, I like to look at pictures and talking with my friends for this

I dream of living in the country of Brasil after finishing my job here, when I have a stable future

He is my boyfriend, we've known since elementary school, I love him and are very happy

This is my room, I like to stay there and relax

This is my photo "ńera", I really had fun take in photo

They are some of my partner, are my second family, I have very dear and appreciation

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